Discover the Artistry of Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz, a visionary sculptor, weaves magic with her hands, transforming raw materials into captivating forms that resonate with emotion and history. Her journey as an artist has been marked by dedication, innovation, and a profound connection to her Trinidadian roots.

Monumental Sculptures

Maria’s monumental sculptures stand as testaments to her creative prowess. One such masterpiece is the Yoruba Village Monument, a collaborative effort with fellow sculptor Sherlann Peters. This awe-inspiring 20-foot-tall sculpture graces Yoruba Square in east Port of Spain, Trinidad. It celebrates the Yoruba Village Community’s contributions to the cultural fabric of the nation. The Yoruba man and woman depicted in the sculpture wear traditional scarification, embodying resilience and heritage1.

Articles and Podcasts

Maria’s impact extends beyond physical sculptures. She has engaged in thought-provoking conversations through articles and podcasts. Here are some notable publications where you can delve deeper into her world:

  1. Global Voices: In an interview with Global Voices, Maria discusses the significance of public art and its role in fostering a sense of belonging. Explore her insights and learn about her artistic journey alongside Sherlann Peters1.
  2. Newsday: Maria’s work on the Yoruba Village Monument caught the attention of Newsday. Discover how this monumental dream became a reality and the cultural resonance it holds for Trinidad and Tobago1.
  3. Sunbeam Chats Podcast: Tune in to the Sunbeam Chats Podcast, where Maria shares her artistic journey, experiences, and the joy of collaborating with Sherlann Peters. Listen to her sage advice and gain a deeper understanding of her sculpting process23.
  4. YouTube: Watch Maria in action! The YouTube video captures her passion and skill as she sculpts life into form1.
  5. Adeline Gregoire’s Curatorial Project: Explore Maria’s work within the context of confinement. Adeline Gregoire’s project sheds light on the intersection of art and human experience, and Maria’s sculptures play a vital role in this exploration1.

Sculpting a Future

Maria Diaz’s journey is one of resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment. Her sculptures breathe life into spaces, bridging the past and present. As you explore her articles, podcasts, and monumental works, you’ll witness the soulful expression of an artist who shapes not only clay but also the narratives of our shared humanity.

As a gifted artist, she first discovered her love for sculpting at Bishops Anstey High School East. Under the guidance of Artist, Elsa Clarke and Sculptor Sherlann Peters, her aptitude for clay grew. Whilst studying at UWI, Ms. Diaz was awarded the Canada-Caricom scholarship for her excellence and spent a year as an exchange student.

At the University of Calgary, she learned new techniques in sculpting that furthered her abilities to transcend her creativeness into her art. The focus of her work is centered on the human form. Her appreciation for the body derives from the realistic and abstract interpretations the body can create.

She believes that three-dimensional art, specifically clay, offers an intimate experience between the artist and the piece. Physically moulding clay or any medium with one’s bare hands offers a cathartic experience which brings joy beyond comparison.

Maria's Sculpting