About the artist

Maria Diaz has been creating works of art for over 8 years, and during this time she achieved Honours in a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies.

As a gifted artist, she first discovered her love for sculpting at Bishops Anstey High School East. Under the guidance of Artist, Elsa Clarke and Sculptor Sherlann Peters, her aptitude for clay grew. Whilst studying at UWI, Ms. Diaz was awarded the Canada-Caricom scholarship for her excellence and spent a year as an exchange student.

At the University of Calgary, she learned new techniques in sculpting that furthered her abilities to transcend her creativeness into her art. The focus of her work is centered on the human form. Her appreciation for the body derives from the realistic and abstract interpretations the body can create.

She believes that three-dimensional art, specifically clay, offers an intimate experience between the artist and the piece. Physically moulding clay or any medium with one’s bare hands offers a cathartic experience which brings joy beyond comparison.

Maria's Sculpting